Study Skills

Establishing Organizational Habits for Academic Success

An emphasis of the Shaker Road academic experience is developing good study skills. Beginning with organizational habits in the youngest grades, students learn that study skills are a key to academic success. Students are introduced to a variety of note-taking, listening, test taking, and studying strategies that help them become successful learners. These skills are expected and reinforced in all classes, and a portion of all academic course grades is dedicated to study skills.

Study skills instruction is integrated with core curriculum through fourth grade. In fifth grade, students begin a formal study skills curriculum, with classes once per week and graded study halls each day. Study halls are orderly, quiet classes where students are expected to bring enough work to occupy the entire time. Teachers are available to help students with academic questions. Grades received in study halls make up a percentage of study skills course grades. In seventh grade, the study skills program focuses on standardized test taking preparation. Students work with the study skills instructor to familiarize themselves specifically with SSAT tests, but more importantly they learn good standardized testing strategies that will help them in all testing situations.

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